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Vaccine Consent Packet

March 2 Local Briefing Notes

Cherokee County Health Department Holds Drive-Thru Covid-19 Vaccination Event

Vaccination Consent Form

Press Release: Health Department Scheduling Covid-19 Vaccines

Street Routing Map for Vaccine Distribution at Healh Department

Sheriff Warns of Covid-19 Vaccine Scams

January 12th Local Covid-19 Briefing

Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet

What is V-SAFE

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Website

Kansas Covid-19 Vaccine Website

Press Release: Discontinuing MWF Local Chart

December 28 Local Covid 19 Cases

December 23 Local Covid 19 Cases

December 21 Local Covid 19 Cases

December 18 Local Covid 19 Cases

December 16 Local Covid 19 Cases

December 14 Local Covid-19 Cases

December 9 Local Covid-19 Cases

December 7 Local Covid-19 Cases

December 4 Local Covid-19 Cases

December 2 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 30 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 25 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 23 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 21 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 19 Local Briefing Notes

Governor Kelly Executive Order 20-68 Mask Mandate

November 18 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 16 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 13 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 9 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 6 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 4 Local Covid-19 Cases

November 2 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 30 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 28 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 26 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 23 Local Covid-19 Cases

Draft Covid-19 Vaccination Plan

October 21 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 19 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 16 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 14 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 9 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 7 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 5 Local Covid-19 Cases

October 2 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 30 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 28 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 25 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 23 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 21 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 18 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 16 Local Covid-19 Cases

Health Officials Announce Additional Death

September 14 Local Covid-19 Cases

Health Department Officals Announce Additonal Deaths

September 11 Local Covid-19 Cases

Health Department Announces Two Recent Deaths

September 9 Local Covid-19 Cases

Cherokee County SPARK Business Guidelines and Application

September 4 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 2 Local Covid-19 Cases

September 2 Local Briefing Notes

September 1 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 28 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 26 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 24 Local Covid-19 Cases

Health Department Announces Second Death of Person with Covid-19

August 21 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 19 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 17 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 14 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 13 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 11 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 10 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 8 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 7 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 6 Local Covid -19 Cases

August 5 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 4 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 3 Local Covid-19 Cases

August 2 Local Covid-19 Cases

31 July Local Covid-19 Cases

30 July Local Covid-19 Cases

29 July Local Covid-19 Cases

27 Local Briefing Notes

27 July Local Covid-19 Cases

26 July Local Covid-19 Cases

24 July Local Covid-19 Cases

23 July Local Covid-19 Cases

22 July Local Covid-19 Cases

21 July Local Covid-19 Cases

20 July Local Covid-19 Cases

20 July Local Briefing Notes

Executive Order 20-59: Masks at School

18 July Local Covid-19 Cases

17 July Local Covid-19 Cases

16 July Local Covid-19 Cases

15 July Local Covid-19 Cases

14 July Local Briefing Notes

14 July Local Covid-19 Cases

Press Release: KDHE Updated Quarantine States / Locations

13 July Local Covid-19 Cases

12 July Local Covid-19 Cases

10 July Local Covid-19 Case

9 July Local Covid-19 Case

8 July Local Covid-19 Cases

7 July Local Covid-19 Cases

7 July Local Briefing Notes

Press Release: July 7th, 2020

6 July Local COVID-19 Cases

6 July Local Briefing Notes

4 July Local COVID-19 Cases

Attorney General Schmidt Memo on EO 20-52

Governor Kelly Executive Order 20-52

2 July Local Briefing Notes

2 July Local COVID-19 Cases

1 July Local COVID-19 Cases

29 June Local Briefing Notes

29 June Local COVID-19 Cases

24 June Local Briefing Notes

24 June Local COVID-19 Cases

22 June Local Briefing Notes

22 June Local COVID-19 Cases

11 June Press Release

11 June Local Briefing Notes

11 June Local COVID-19 Cases

9 June Local Briefing Notes

9 June Local COVID-19 Cases

8 June Local Briefing Notes

8 June Local COVID-19 Cases

5 June Local Briefing Notes

5 June Local and State COVID-19 Cases

Kansas House Bill 2016

June 1 Press Release

29 May Local Briefing Notes

29 May Local COVID-19 Cases

28 May Local COVID-19 Cases

28 May Local Briefing Notes

27 May Local Briefing Notes

27 May Local COVID-19 Cases

Disaster Proclamation May 26

26 May Local Briefing Notes

26 May Local COVID-19 Cases

Lake of the Ozarks Advisory

25 May Local Briefing Notes

25 May Local COVID-19 Cases

24 May Local Briefing Notes

24 May Local COVID-19 Cases

22 May Local Briefing Notes

Full CCR - Legislation 

22 May Local COVID-19 Cases

Updated Livestock Competition Guidance

Attorney General Schmidt's Formal Opinion

21 May Local Briefing Notes

21 May Local COVID-19 Cases

20 May Local Briefing Notes

20 May Local COVID-19 Case

19 May Local Briefing Notes

19 May Local COVID-19 Cases

Final Memorial Day Guidance

Livestock Show Guidance

Amended Ad Astra Plan: May 19, 2020

18 May Local Briefing Notes

Updated Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Executive Order Status List

18 May Local COVID-19 Cases

15 May Local Briefing Notes

Safe Memorial Day Guidance

Pro Beauty Provided Guidance

Cosmetology Guidance from KDHE Website

15 May Local COVID-19 Cases

Executive Order 20-31 Pahse 1.5

14 May Local Briefing Notes

14 May Local COVID-19 Cases

Update Travel Restrictions

13 May Local Briefing Notes

13 May Local COVID-19 Briefing

12 May Local Briefing Notes

12 May Local COVID-19 Cases

11 May Local Briefing Notes

11 May Local COVID-19 Cases

10 May Local COVID-19 Cases

9 May Local COVID-19 Cases

8 May Local Briefing Notes

Kansas Department of Labor Unemployment Application Gating System

8 May Local COVID-19 Cases

7 May Local Briefing

7 May Local COVID-19 Cases

6 May Local Briefing

6 May Local COVID-19 Cases

5 May Local Briefing Notes

5 May Local COVID-19 Cases

4 May Local Briefing Notes

Frequently Asked Questions about Kansas Re-Opening Plan

Restaraunt Guidance for Re-Opening

Updated COVID-19 Symptoms per KDHE

3 May Local COVID-19 Cases

2 May Local Briefing Notes

2 May Local COVID-19 Cases

1 May Local Briefing Notes

1 May Local COVID-19 Cases

30 April Local Briefing Notes

30 April Local COVID-19 Cases

29 April Local Briefing Notes

29 April Local COVID-19 Cases

28 April Local Briefing Notes

28 April Local COVID-19 Cases

27 April Local Briefing Notes

27 April Local COVID-19 Cases

26 April Local Briefing Notes

26 April Local COVID-19 Cases

25 April Local Briefing Notes

25 April Local COVID-19 Cases

24 April Local Briefing Notes

24 April Local COVID-19 Cases

23 April Local Briefing Notes

23 April Local COVID-19 Cases

22 April Local Briefing Notes

22 April Local COVID-19 Cases 

21 April Local Briefing Notes

21 April Local COVID-19 Cases

White House Opening of America Site

20 April Local Briefing Notes

Kansas Executive Order 20-25

20 April Local COVID-19 Cases

19 April Local Briefing Notes

19 April Local COVID-19 Cases

18 April Local Briefing Notes

18 April Local COVID-19 Cases

17 April Local Briefing Notes

17 April Local COVID-19 Cases

16 April Local Briefing Notes

16 April Local COVID-19 Cases

15 April Local Briefing Notes

15 April Local COVID-19 Cases

14 April Local Briefing Notes

14 April Local COVID-19 Cases

13 April Local Briefing Notes

13 April Local COVID-19 Cases

April 12 Local Briefing Notes

April 12 Local COVID-19 Cases

April 11 Local Briefing Notes

April 11 Local COVID-19 Cases

April 10 Local Briefing Notes

April 10 Local COVID-19 Cases

Kansas Homemade Mask Guidance

Kansas Wastewater Guidance

April 9 Local Briefing Notes

April 9 Local COVID-19 Cases

 April 8 Local Briefing Notes

April 8 Local COVID-19 Cases

Attorney General Memo to Law Enforcement regarding EO 20-18

 Travel Advisory

Executive Order 20-18 - Religious Gatherings and Funerals 

April 7 Local Briefing Notes

April 7 Local COVID Cases

April 6 Local Briefing Notes

April 6 Local COVID Cases

April 5 Local Briefing Notes

April 5 Local COVID Cases

April 4 Local Briefing Notes

April 4 Local COVID Cases

April 3 Local Briefing Notes

April 3 Local COVID Case Update

April 2 Local Briefing Notes

April 1 Local Briefing Notes

April 1 KDHE Statewide Update

March 31 Local Notes

March 31 KDHE Statewide Update

Frequently Asked Question from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

March 30 Local Notes

March 30 KDHE Statewide Update

March 29 Local Notes

March 29 KDHE Statewide Update

Governor Kelly's Executive Order 20-16

March 28 Local Notes

March 28 KDHE Statewide Update

Open Burning Guidelines 

Cherokee County March 27 Local Notes

March 27 KDHE Statewide Update

Cherokee County March 26 Local Notes

March 26 KDHE Statewide Update

Cherokee County March 25 Local Notes

March 25 KDHE Statewide Update

Cherokee County March 24 Local Notes

March 24 KDHE Statewide Update

How To Talk To Your Kids About COVID-19

Governor Executive Order 20-12 related to Drivers License and License Plate Renewals

Cherokee County March 23 Briefing Notes

March 23 Policy Impacts in Kansas

March 23 KDHE Statewide Update

March 22 KDHE Statewide Update

March 22 Press Release: Second Positive Case in Cherokee County

 Cherokee County March 20 Briefing Notes

March 20, 2020 Kansas COVID-19 Update for KDHE


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